• PIR wall-panel Isopar® Typ IP / FRIGO Typ IP
      light, stable and visually variable wall covering, with an easy-to-plan grid dimension of 1.000 mm
      …more details

    • PIR wall-panel Isopar® Elegant Typ IPE
      wall panel with covered fixation. The noble facade in unison with architectural design freedom offers high standards architects and planners. It can be laid horizontally and vertically. …more details

  • TYP IC
    • PIR roof-panel Isocopre® Typ IC
      high-quality static insulation panel for the commercial and industrial builing industry as well as for agricultural buildings.
      …more details

  • TYP EF
    • Fire protection panel roof Eurofire® Type EF
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A.
      …more details

  • TYP IF
    • Fire protection panel wall Isoparfire® Type IF
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A.
      …more details

    • Fire protection panel wall Isoparfire® Elegant Type IFE
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A and covered fixation.
      …more details

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Lattonedil observes and analyzes market developments constantly, to consider them carefully when making corporate decisions. We prepare for increasing challenges in the market and therefore always aim for an enhanced quality of our products. Our fully automated production lines carry out all operations continuosly, starting at shaping the coatings, followed by foaming and finishing at packing automatically. The demanded quality standards for our panels are permanently observed by our professional staff in order to offer our customers high-quality products.

Thanks to our to our high-tech automated production lines, we manufactre panels made of premium lacquered and strip-galvanized (275 g/m²) steel sheet. Each work stage is observed by our quality management.

Production-line on the highest technological level - Klick for increasing the overall view


We always aim for the utmost quality of our products. All used raw materials have been checked thoroughly at arrival. Thanks to our certified test laboratory we conduct each quality check internally and therefore guarantee the observation of the quality standards for our panels.The certificates of quality certify loading, insulation performance and tightness of each product. They confirm all conducted tests according to EU-regulations and national as well as international standards.

These picture demonstrate the bending, the strenght and as well the shear by the example of a 6 meter long roof panel.

In our laboratories we perform different tests to check mechanic properties on the manufactured panels.

By means of our measuring instruments, we check the resistance of our products: traction, pressure, bulk density, heat conductance and even fire resistance of our fire safety panels "Eurofire", "Isoparfire" and "Isoparfire Elegant". Furthermore, each dimensioning will be tested.