• PIR wall-panel Isopar® Typ IP / FRIGO Typ IP
      light, stable and visually variable wall covering, with an easy-to-plan grid dimension of 1.000 mm
      …more details

    • PIR wall-panel Isopar® Elegant Typ IPE
      wall panel with covered fixation. The noble facade in unison with architectural design freedom offers high standards architects and planners. It can be laid horizontally and vertically. …more details

  • TYP IC
    • PIR roof-panel Isocopre® Typ IC
      high-quality static insulation panel for the commercial and industrial builing industry as well as for agricultural buildings.
      …more details

  • TYP EF
    • Fire protection panel roof Eurofire® Type EF
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A.
      …more details

  • TYP IF
    • Fire protection panel wall Isoparfire® Type IF
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A.
      …more details

    • Fire protection panel wall Isoparfire® Elegant Type IFE
      Fire protection panel with non-combustible insulation core class 0/A and covered fixation.
      …more details

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Group Lattonedil - Company representation:

Since the foundation of our company Lattonedil s.p.a. in 1969, we have always used the potential of our automatized batch production according to most important market developments, to supply our estimated customers with products of the highest quality. Lattonedil s.p.a. is located in the North Italian region Brianza, one of the most important industrial centers of Italy.

Due to knowhow, decades of experience and excellent teamwork, Lattonedil s.p.a. has expanded considerably over the last years and has become a famous international group. Today it consists of 5 manufacturing sites in Europe: Carimate, Venzone and Crotone (Italy), Dinkelsbühl (Germany) and Huerta Salamanca (Spain). In 2015 Lattonedil s.p.a. expands also in Bosnia and create a new production-line in Nova Topola.

Italy , Germany, Spain and soon also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most modern production facilities in Germany Dinkelsbühl.

The company Lattonedil SpA was founded in 1969 in Carimate (Como). The company headquarters covers an area of ​​126,000 square meters and is equipped with three high-quality production lines. Here foamed metal sandwich panels are produced. After the production line in Crotone (Calabria) and the production facility in Venzone (Udine) Lattonedil Huerta in Salamanca, Spain, one of the most important production of European corporations in the construction area is - Manufacture of metal sandwich panels become.

The newly built and highly technologically equipped plant in Waldeck/Dinkelsbühl, Germany is currently the most modern production facilities of the Group. Another modern -equipped with the latest technology plant is being built in the industrial area Nova Topola, Gradiska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an important pillar for the European-wide group.